Restored Photos

By Hand

Each photo as if it will be shown on a high resolution TV or large print to hang on your wall. We do this so down the road they will not have to be rescanned. Each photo is treated as though they where our own photos.


  • Hand cropping and rotating
  • Image by image exposure adjustment
  • Image by image color corrections
  • Red Eye Removal
  • Online Slide Show with Download
  • High Resolution Tiff files
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Starting at $0.53 cents. Call us for a exact quote and let us know what you have. Everyone has pictures displayed and stored differently, so call us to discuss what we can do to help you preserve your memories.
Slide Film

Slides $.83

Every slide by hand one at a time, 35mm, 126, 110 or what ever size you may have. Each slide is scanned at high DPI, print up to 14 x 20 or view on a HD TV. Each slide is adjusted during the scanning process then again to color correct and bring out detail that may have never been seen before.  We can also put them online to view and share with family and friends. No more setting up the projector and screen to see those wonderfull memories!

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Start $.83

We have made many prints 14 x 20 of loved ones from long ago! Over 40 years experience working with film! From modern 35mm all the way back to 125 years ago 4 x 5 glass plates, and everything inbetween. The varying condition of negatives would require a quote first but start at $0.83 cents